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20 Reasons Why?

  • Number 20.  Communication - Failure to inform the members and Board of Directors of what’s happening with our Union. Inability or lack of desire to communicate with the membership.  
  • Number 19.  Division - These National Officers have not only created division within the LAA and LUS work groups they have also created division internally at APFA as well. They chose to disregard knowledgeable people simply because they were not supporters or questioned them. All four of these National Officers promised in their campaign rhetoric that they would unify this entire membership. This has been an epic fail.
  • Number 18. Negotiations - Bob Ross as National President would be our lead negotiator when Sec 6 Negotiations open up in Fall 2018. He would also be responsible for appointing 2 additional members to the negotiating committee. His history of his past appointments has clearly shown that his choices have been based on returning campaign promises and friendships over knowledge and experience. Bob Ross has had little to no successes for the membership in the last 16 months. While his intentions may be good, his inability to lead has given the company the ability to violate our contract on a daily basis for the entire membership without any pressure from APFA to hold them accountable. Ask yourself, is this who we want in charge of negotiating our next contract, Bob and his friends?
  • Number 17. Vice President Nena Martin and SBA Dept. – The heartbeat of this Department has flat-lined with this administration. There is simply nothing going on. This Dept. has not initiated one single arbitration in the last 16 months. The only arbitrations that they have handled were existing arbitrations that were on the docket by the prior administration and they had to see the cases through. The Board of Directors enacted the Vice Presidents Quarterly Report after Colleen Brenner, to show the work this department has done the previous quarter. This Quarterly report lists all cases that are settled, withdrawn and still pending. This is an important piece of information that is emailed to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Regional Reps and Vice Presidents to keep them updated on what is happening with the cases that have been brought forward and their resolution. Nena Martin has not sent one Quarterly Report out since taking office. I understand there have been over 300 flight attendant grievances withdrawn, is this why Nena Martin is not sending out this quarterly report? We have all heard of 2 major cases that were withdrawn that would have put money in flight attendant’s pockets, the “Going for Great Training” and the “Short Haul Snack Option”. There was also the debacle of the “Hawaii Purser Settlement”. What most do not realize is this settlement is currently sitting there and APFA can initiate it at any time by signing the LOA. This settlement included a clause that gave up our rights to grieve future Staffing Levels. Is this settlement affecting our current grievances that have already been filed such as the Staffing on the 787-900? This grievance has been stagnant for months. There is also nothing on the calendar which in the past has listed all arbitrations with the dates set up on hearing these cases. Nena Martin has spent more money on legal with no arbitration cases being heard.  Is Nena Martin simply in over her head? During her two-year term as a Regional Rep in 2012 and 2013 she never presented or assisted on an arbitration. All of her termination cases she would avoid a 1st level hearing and pursue a general release agreement which is a resignation to avoid termination, rather than pursuing the case for the flight attendant. She had only one 1st level hearing for a termination and this was only due to the fact that the flight attendant insisted on it and did not want to just simply resign. Why these flight attendants that were forced to resign without any real Union representation did not pursue a Duty of Fair Representation Charge against Nena Martin is beyond me.  
  •  Number 16. Legal – All 4 of the National Officers ran on a campaign  promising to clean house.  Instead of cleaning house they have kept all  of Glading’s attorneys.  While most of the membership may be under the  impression that Bob Ross fired Rob Clayman on day one of his term, the  reality is that Rob Clayman is still billing APFA currently and  according to Eugenio they are still utilizing him and will continue to  do so.  Mady Gilson, as General counsel for APFA was put under fire  during the UAL Arbitration when it was proven that she was responsible  for a back-door agreement along with Glading with the company.  Bob  continues to keep her in her current position after this.  Mark  Richard’s has substantially increased his billing under this  administration.  It’s just business as usual for these three attorneys  that are milking APFA for all it’s worth.  I was only able to see April  and May 2017 monthly financials.  The monthly financials are not  available until around 45 days after month end.  This is just the tip of  the iceberg.  For the amount of money APFA is paying these three  attorneys we could hire 2 in-house salaried attorneys that would be  working solely for this membership.  
    On the LM2s, the year-end financial report, each of these 3 attorneys billed APFA for the following.
    Rob Clayman $51,306
    Mady Gilson $389,820
    Mark Richards $314,629
     According to the April 2017 and May 2017 Financials that I was able to  view here are what we paid out for the first 2 months of this new fiscal  year.
    April 2017
    Rob Clayman $14,083 (This amount was on the LM2 as an outstanding invoice)
    Mady Gilson $ 0
    Mark Richards $ $27,988 ($28,813 was on the LM2 as an outstanding invoice)
    May 2017
    Rob Clayman $ 595
    Mady Gilson $69,824 (This amount was on the LM2 as an outstanding invoice)
    Mark Richards $17,932
  • Number 15.  Professionalism or lack thereof – All Flight Attendants that are in  positions within APFA are held to a higher standard. When we elect  someone into a position we expect this professionalism to be maintained  throughout the organization. Whether it is a National Officer, National  Chair, BOD Member, Executive Committee Member or a Representative  answering phones at APFA this professionalism should be consistent for  all. Over time with this current  administration we have all seen at one time or another this line being  crossed. I am not saying that they are all unprofessional, I have seen  and know of some amazing people that would never act in such a way.  However, when you have National Officers being disrespectful and acting  in an unprofessional manner how can we expect those under them to not  get caught up in this “no holds barred attitude”? I have recently been  made aware of a Scheduling Rep posting a disparaging comment about a  group of his peers. Those that were offended are very upset, as they  should be, and demanding his removal from his position. But this begs  the question, how did we even get to this point? It starts from the top  down. This is not the first incident with this particular Rep. Daniel  Koukes, the Chair of this department, was made aware of past issues and  refused to do anything about it. But Daniel himself, has made  disparaging remarks about other Flight Attendants on social media. If he  shows no restraint, how can we expect him to hold anyone else  accountable? Sadly, this is not the only time this has happened. This is  merely just one example of what is happening. There are several current  Union Representatives that have made questionable posts on social media  with no accountability. The National Officers have been made aware of  this as well and have chosen to turn a blind eye. That is as long as it  is not an attack against them or their agenda. In order to rid APFA of  people like this we need to Clean House!! Recalling the 4 National  Officers in turn brings in New National Chairs, which then in turn  brings in different Reps. Some of the current Chairs and Reps are very  good at their jobs and I am not saying all need to go. The ones that  have allowed this type of behavior to run rampant or taken part in the  unprofessionalism are the ones that need to be replaced. But, in order  for any of these changes to occur, we need to start at the top. Our  hard-earned dues dollars are not paid to be disrespected, they are paid  to be represented!! We were all hired to do our job professionally and  respectfully, it’s not too much to ask that we receive the same type of  treatment from our Union Officials, or is it?
  • Number 14. Communication/Transparency/Reserve…Reserve…RESERVE – Have you noticed  the continued climb in Reserve Seniority? Why has APFA not communicated  to the membership the reasons why the increase in Reserve Seniority?  This increase is now monthly and completely unacceptable. Why has APFA not shared with the membership that they represent and explained what is  being done to fix this very important issue? Why is APFA continuing  to keep the membership in the dark? It’s time that we elect experienced  leaders that will include the membership. Where is the TRANSPARENCY  this Administration promised since elected into office in April 2016?  It’s been over 16 months in office and still, no communication on  Reserve!! We need some answers and explanations so we, the dues paying members, are aware of what actions are being taken to fix and improve  our lives. How much longer do we need to wait to be validated as APFA dues paying members?

SYSTEM RESERVE - September 2017
BOS Backup: 10547 Reserve: 15990
DCA Backup: 12784 Reserve: 12338
DFW Backup: 9700 Reserve: 10758
LAX Backup: 8993 Reserve: 9748
LGA Backup: 11719 Reserve: 12257
MIA Backup: 12549 Reserve:14744
ORD Backup: 11433 Reserve: 15255
RDU Backup: 3887 Reserve: 4271
SFO Backup: 7166 Reserve: 8683
SLT Backup: 10882 Reserve: 12124

  • Number 13. Lack of follow through - Hotlines are not signed, inconsistent messages  put out, emails are not acknowledged and go unanswered. We need  leadership that will engage with this membership. Our Constitution  affords direct access to our National Leaders. We need leadership that  will respond and answer when written to.
  • Number 12. The membership was seeking CHANGE not CHARM...
    Bob Ross believes  charming his select group of worker bees is Leadership... No Mr. Ross,  you signed up to represent an entire membership.
  • Number 11.  Base Transfers – Did you know the company offered a one-time  transfer system wide for both LUS and LAA Flight Attendants to be able  to transfer to any base in the system?  This offer was NOT limited to  only 100 Flight Attendants as Bob Ross stated at the LAX base meeting.   This could have been accomplished sooner than FOI.  How many Flight  Attendants have been held hostage at their current LAA or LUS base?  Bob  Ross turned down this offer without any input from the BOD or the  membership.  Bob Ross’ only concern with delaying transfers is  protecting his own seniority and his supporters at LAX and his paranoia  of the LUS senior Flight Attendants bumping them down!!  We pay him to  protect the entire membership not his own personal agenda!!
  • Number 10. Fiduciary Responsibility - I went in to view the financials  on July 27th of this year. I left with a lot of unanswered questions  about what I was able to look at in the 2 1/2 hours that I was there.  Eugenio Vargas stated he would look into these questions and provide me  the answers. I emailed him the same day with the questions because there  were quite a few and he had not taken any notes. I emailed him a few  additional questions the next day as  well.  It has now been over 2 weeks and I have not received the answers  to my questions. I have received 2 emails from Eugenio one on 7-31 that  he was going to be out of the office for 2 days and would get the  answers to me when he was back in the office on Wed 8-2. I then received  an email on 8-2 stating he was working on gathering the information and  would get them to me as soon as he was done. That was 11 days ago!!  These questions are not hard to answer and as the Treasurer of our Union  he should know where and why and how our money is being spent. What is  he hiding?  Why didn’t he know the answers when I was there in person on  the 27th?  Is this someone we want signing the checks and being in full  control over the millions of dollars APFA has?
  • Number 9. Transparency – If you have spoken to your Base President lately you may be aware of a meeting that is scheduled for Tuesday 8-15 with the Company.  What most did not know about is that the Base Presidents, National Officers along with the JSIC are meeting today to discuss important issues in regards to the crew portal or TTS ETB and ROTA as well as PBS.  This meeting is being held in Euless at a hotel and it is not open to the membership.  These new systems are coming at some point regardless of what happens at today's behind closed door meeting and the meeting with the company.  Why would the membership not be allowed to attend this meeting today in order to get a full understanding of exactly what is going on and how they plan on handling the implementation of these systems.  I for one would have liked to have at least been given the opportunity to hear from the JSIC and learn how each of the Base Presidents feel about these issues now, not after the fact.  Bob Ross and the other 3 National Officers promised transparency, when is this promise going to be fulfilled?  This Administration was some of the most vocal complainers against the “Back Door Deals” being made and the “Closed Door Sessions” with the previous administration, and yet they continue to do the same.  Why is it ok for them now?  The Membership deserves full disclosure, not the watered-down version of what they think the membership should get. We’ve already seen how that worked with the failed LOAs.  We need as much information that is available to be able to make an informed decision for ourselves so that we can let our Base Presidents know how we truly feel, not just forwarding a copy and pasted form letter posted on social media only pointing out one person’s personal feelings or opinions on these issues.  I want the ability to speak for myself with as much information as possible, and the membership deserves the same.  That isn’t even an option now since they have chosen to exclude the membership once again.
  • Number 8.  Union  Busting - Today we deliver reason #8 as to why you should sign on to  recall the current APFA National Officers. We are more than half way  through the 20 reasons to climb on-board. Today we became aware of  another big issue bubbling below the surface at APFA headquarters...   Not only has the APFA been paying record sums of money to multiple  Attorney’s to run the Union due to the National Officers incompetence.  They have now hired yet another Attorney  from Austin who is issuing directives to UAW (United Auto Workers)  Representatives and APFA staff which is a direct violation of the UAW  Bargaining Agreement between the UAW and APFA. Our own National Officers  are participating in campaign promoting Union Busting activities  against the professional unionized staff members employed by the APFA. The National Officers (Bob, Nena, Eugenio and Marcy) are supporting and  promoting harassing and intimidation tactics against APFA staff members  with stellar records. Some staff members are being singled out and  bullied as a result of their Union activities and their efforts to  protect UAW negotiated work on the property.  The Officers have  condoned this by continuing to pay and trip remove a DFW based Flight  Attendant that has waged war against the protections in the UAW  Bargaining Agreement. This F/A has written up UAW staff members that  challenge violations to the contract. This is no different than a non-  Flight Attendant getting on the airplane and performing our negotiated  duties.  This F/A is nothing more than a 'Union Busting Management  Snitch” who works for the National Officers harassing the staff for a  free trip removal every month.  This person’s presence in the building  creates a hostile work environment for the APFA staff. The National  Officers outright disregard for the Unionized UAW workforce on the APFA  property is unacceptable. We have Attorney’s running the Union  and now we have yet another Attorney attempting to manage the UAW  represented APFA staff. What exactly are Bob, Nena, Eugenio and Marcy  doing at APFA? Officers that would promote and participate in Union  Busting activities against our Brothers and Sisters at another Union  have no business holding any office within APFA. These officers are  incapable of understanding the true definition and bond of trade  unionism based on their actions against the UAW staff members working at  APFA.  It’s time for a change let’s make this happen, sign the petition…  And please call or email your Base President and let them know that you  will not tolerate your dues dollars being used to participate in "Union  Busting” activities against the UAW staff who has supported our causes  tirelessly and professionally for over 30 years. As members of the APFA  Board of Directors they have a responsibility to provide a safe and  hostile free work environment for the UAW staff members at Headquarters.
  • Number 7.  Facebook Follies - Facebook is a great way for people to connect, get information or just socialize. Our current National Officers were all on Facebook prior to and during the National Officer elections. They pushed their candidacy on Facebook and together with their cronies they labeled and character assassinated any union representative that was a threat to their slate. So, why are they no longer participating in the dialogue on Facebook? Why are they silent? Bob Ross won't even post under his own name, he instead hides behind his wife's Facebook profile to post. What's up with that? Why is Facebook taboo for the 2-2-2 gang? Could it be that they see no need to communicate with the membership through Facebook anymore? After all, Facebook was the vehicle that got them elected. Bob Ross, Nena Martin, Eugenio Vargas and Marcy Dunaway all got elected by Facebook. They kicked any union representative out of APFA that was a threat and brought in their friends and Facebook cronies awarding them with positions. They even created new positions and committees for the overflow. In order to protect their power and control over the union they have their Facebook cronies and friends in union positions attack those that challenge their leadership. Bob Ross is so paranoid about what is posted, he has even created a trip removed position for someone to monitor the Facebook pages. Is he that paranoid that the membership will learn all the dirty little secrets? These National Officers would love nothing more than to try and censor any and all negative comments about them. Even going as far as wanting to hire a 3rd PR firm for “Social Media”, because of all the negative comments about them, paid for by your dues dollars. However, it was fair game and still is for them to post attacks on any member who speaks out against them. It's all about holding onto what they have for themselves and not about working for the membership. If they worked for the membership as much as they watch Facebook maybe some real work would actually get done for the membership, and then maybe there wouldn’t be so many issues for the membership to complain about. If they don’t like the negative, maybe they should look in the mirror and ask themselves what they are doing wrong? They have such a distorted view on reality, I doubt they could even see that. Obviously, they all have their trip removals now, so why would they need Facebook anymore?

  • Number 6. The SA vs AP Removal Double Standard – Bob Ross added to the agenda at the special BOD meeting in June 2017 his “concerns” with Flight Attendants working both SA and AP trip removals. SA is a trip removal for the company, AP is a trip removal by the Union. Bob’s big concern seemed to be the “conflict of interest” of working both. (Sound Familiar?) As we all remember the membership was outraged when a few Flight Attendants went to work for the company after they left their Union Positions taking SA positions as well as one taking a Management Position. The BOD even passed a resolution barring an out-going Union Officer from going to work for the company for 2 years after leaving office. I mean who wants Union knowledge of business shared with the company? However, what about the reverse situation? A Flight Attendant that has been a level 4 Manager for the last 8 years give or take and several SA positions prior to that, resigns and starts immediately working at APFA with AP removals. The first month back on the line and the Flight Attendant is now a Union Rep? Can we, the membership, really trust that as of last month their alliances with management are severed and our private issues will not be shared with the company? Where is your concern for “conflict of interest” now Bob, Nena, Marcy, and Eugenio? Where is the outrage? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s the old double standard!!
  • Number 5. Cartels and Mafia – The National Officers have been aware for  months that both LUS and LAA seniority is being violated on a daily  basis. Promises have been made to look into these violations and put a  stop to them, and yet these violations continue to happen. No one at  APFA is doing anything to stop it. Multiple emails have been sent to the  National Officers only to go unanswered. In our industry Seniority is  everything!! Years of service should be  recognized and in the past, they were. With today’s technology, we have  seen apps created that send alerts to Flight Attendants that pay a  monthly subscription, I have been told that there is now an app that  instantly takes trips the second they fall into open time or Hi-board  without a Flight Attendant having to log in to the system. We should all  be on a level playing field if these trips are going to remain first  come first serve, which exactly what is going to happen for the  foreseeable future with any delay of FOI. Some Flight Attendants even  have a small group that work in shifts 24/7 taking any and all trips and  parking them on each other’s schedule to divvy them up among  themselves. Not only is this completely unethical it is also a huge  violation of company policy due to the fact of sharing DECS passwords  with others. These same types of things are happening on both sides LAA  and LUS just differently. I know similar things are affecting LUS but am  not familiar with their procedures. Bob Ross even donned a shirt at a  PHL base meeting with “No Cartels” on it and promised to do something  about it as Marcy Dunaway sat behind him. Silence is the only response  we are getting from the 4 National Officers. When are they going to step  up and do something for this membership? When are they going to hold  the company accountable for allowing these violations by a few that hurt  the majority of the Membership? This is taking money out of our pockets  when these unfair practices continue to happen. When are these 4  National Officers going to care about issues that affect us? Or maybe  it’s just a simple answer, they don’t care! They don’t have to deal with  fighting for trips, they are all taking their 6 figure salaries and  turning a blind eye because it doesn’t affect them. They better start  caring soon because they will be back on the line sooner than they think!!
  • Number 4.  Constant Backpedaling - Most of you by now have seen the latest email  from the company that was sent out last evening.  One must ask yourself  is this the company’s response due to Bob continually agreeing on issues  without full knowledge and understanding, only to back pedal away  months later.  Bob continually meets with the company by himself without  any of the other National Officers, JNC or JSIC and has made many missteps.    Remember Bob's first attempt at the removal of the "Hard 40" last  year?  He was so blinded by trying to fulfill a campaign promise that he  wouldn't listen to those that negotiated the language or the LUS FAs  that were living it!  Instead he took Cindi Simone's word on the intent  of the contractual language for Sections in the contract.  Yes, let me  repeat that, he took the Company's word over union representatives that  negotiated the contract!  When Bob finally realized that he was wrong,  the LOA was pulled.  Fast forward to today in which there were 2 LOAs  that were approved by the EC, (all 4 National Officers voted Yes to send  out for ratification), only to be pulled later by the BOD.  Thirdly,  the premium pay LOA that was also approved by the EC and my  understanding Bob still has not signed.  The EC approved this LOA  unanimously without having to send it out for membership ratification  because it was a benefit to Flight Attendants.  And finally, the latest  with the FOI/PBS implementation schedule.  Bob knew of the companies  plan to come up with an “alternative solution” last August 31, 2016.   His Hotline stated in part, “Management has committed to working with  APFA to explore “alternate solutions” allowing us to get to FOI as  quickly as possible without holding up development on the Trip Trade  System (TTS), Electronic Trade Board (ETB), and Reserve Open Time  Assignment (ROTA).”  And once again we find Bob backpedaling.  The  constant flip flopping has become a joke not only to the membership but  to the company as well.  This is evident by the company’s latest  communication to the membership stating in part, “One piece of feedback  we took away from listening to your union representatives’ concerns  during our meeting was the length of the time-span between May 2018 and  the month the last non-PBS base switches to PBS in 2019. And based on  these concerns, we’ve challenged the integration team to see if there’s  any way we can accelerate the implementation of PBS at all LAA bases.  While we can’t make any promises, we are doing all we can to shorten  this time period.”  
    When will this flip flopping and back pedaling  stop?  When will Bob take responsibility for his part in this due to his  lack of knowledge and incompetence to lead our Union?  When is Bob  going to lead and when are the other 3 National Officers, Nena, Eugenio,  and Marcy, going to step up and be the leaders they promised to be?
  • Number 3.  Bob’s Furniture and $19 – Remember when Bob Ross spent $3300 on  furniture for his apartment that he was in for approximately 3 months?   The items purchased included a mattress, night stand, sofa, ottoman, and  chair.  Did you ever wonder what happened to all that brand-new stuff?   I did, so I made an appointment with the Treasurer and asked Eugenio  Vargas.  Eugenio stated that Chuck Ransdale and Shane Staples took some  of the items for their apartments.  Chuck had already spent $1299 and  Shane had already spent $4088.22 to furnish their apartments.  (I asked  who approved the Chairs to purchase new furniture, still waiting for an  answer.)   I inquired about what happened to the remaining items,  Eugenio stated that everything else was taken to a consignment shop  except the mattress, as they will not accept used mattresses.  Bob had  to go out and buy a brand-new mattress because he did not want a used  one that APFA already had, knowing he was only going to be in this  apartment temporarily.  Um, don’t we all sleep on used mattresses on our  layovers?  Does Bob Ross demand a brand-new mattress when he is in a  hotel?  It is my understanding that the 3-month-old mattress was thrown  out.  I inquired in a follow up email what exactly was taken to the  consignment shop and what was given to the 2 National Chairs and I am  still awaiting a response from Eugenio over 3 weeks later.  What is  Eugenio so afraid of that he is dragging his feet on getting back to me  when he told me before I left our 2 ½ hour meeting he would follow up  with my questions he didn’t know the answer to.   I cannot give you  exactly what was sold.  I can however tell you that whatever was sold  APFA recouped $339 for it.  However, APFA also paid $320 to have someone  take the furniture to the consignment shop.  So, is everyone’s math  working here??  APFA made a whopping $19 on Bob’s 3-month-old  furniture!!  Yes, no typo there, NINETEEN DOLLARS!!  Why did we not  store the furniture for use by someone at a later time?  APFA has always  stored items such as this in the past.  Is this what is going to happen  to all the other furniture this Administration went out and purchased?   I have asked for a lot more information on this and Eugenio has not  gotten back to me.  I wanted to wait to put this out so that I had all  the information but I feel after 3 weeks the membership deserves to know  what I have found and maybe the membership can contact their Base  Presidents to get some answers for them.  Bob owes the membership some  answers and he owes APFA some money!!  Let’s not forget your dues  dollars paid for the furniture, paid for his vacant apartment for 3  months and also paid for his move $9732.79. The $3300 was just for  furniture, what else did Bob buy for his apartment?
  • Number 2. And While We are on the Subject of Furniture… - While I was  viewing the financials on July 27th I soon discovered that several Union  Reps decided to go on a spending spree with our dues dollars, all with  approval of the National Officers.  National Chairs expenses are  approved by 2 of the 4 National Officers.  As I mentioned yesterday,  Shane Staples and Chuck Ransdale took part in this spending spree.  I  have asked Eugenio for more clarification on what exactly each bought  and he has yet to respond.  One thing I was able to get quite a few  answers on was several items purchased by Gabby Harty, the Health Chair,  that resigned after being in her position approx. 8 months.  During her  transition into office she was consumed with shopping for her Union  provided apartment rather than actually doing her transition.  This  spending spree continued for the first 3 months of her 2-year term.  She  initially purchased $3236.91 worth of furniture which included a  sleeper sofa $778, love seat $527, end table $204, coffee table $263,  and bedroom furniture with a king size bed for $1427.  I asked Eugenio  what happened to all of this furniture that she purchased from Ashley’s  Furniture, and he stated it was taken to a consignment store.  I asked  him how much did APFA receive from these items.  He stated that not all  pieces were sold yet, they have 90 days to sell and will not receive any  money until the 90-day time period has expired.  I heard a rumor about  Gabby’s bedroom furniture, instead of just going on a rumor, I asked  Eugenio directly about this and he was able to supply me with the  receipt from the consignment store showing all items that were taken  there.  The list of items was quite long and had several items that were  not mentioned above.  I will list the items that were taken to sell.
    Chrome Lamp with Gray Shade
    Breakfast Card Table with Chairs
    2 Black Hanging Baskets
    8 4-piece place settings Gray China Ceramic
    Gray Sleeper Sofa
    Gray Love seat
    Coffee Table
    End Table
    Wood Bench (Rustic)
    6 Drawer Dresser
    Side/Night Table with drawer
    Wooden Head Board Foot Board with Rails King size
    2 Drawer Writing/Console Table
    3 Drawer Nightstand
    TV Stand/Chest with Drawers
    2 Wicker Rocking Chairs (Outdoor)
    1 Wicker and Glass Coffee Table (Outdoor)
    2 Small Round Metal Accent Tables  I was stunned!!  I asked who approved all of this?  Eugenio said 2 of  the National Officers, he couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me which 2.  I asked  how much all of this cost.  He then went and got a file with all the  receipts from May, June, July and tallied them up and came up with an  additional...$2,309.  He said there were other items included in there  that were not taken to the consignment store, such as sheets, comforter  $89, and cook ware.  In the past, the chairs have always supplied their  own bedding.  It’s not something that APFA can reuse.  I have asked  where all these other items are now and you guessed it still waiting on  that answer.  I am disgusted that these 4 National Officers allowed such  wasteful spending of our dues dollars.  OUTDOOR PATIO FURNITURE…Are you  kidding me?  8 TABLES…for a 1 bedroom apartment?  So most of this  furniture was very nice and used for only 8 months (or so I thought) and  should have been stored and kept for future use, but Eugenio insisted  he had to follow policy and take it to the consignment store.  A policy  he brought forward by a resolution he was the maker on in Oct. 2016, to  deflect from the Bob Ross and Nena Martin’s moving expenses, Bob Ross’  furniture purchase and Eugenio’s own violation of policy of buying the  previous treasurer’s furniture.  By the way Eugenio paid to APFA  approximately $200 total for all of it!!  I have asked exactly what he  bought and still waiting.  And back to the Apartment, Gabby resigned in  Jan. 2017, I asked Eugenio when the Apartment was closed out.  He stated  the lease was up in May.  I asked why he did not break the lease  instead of paying for a vacant apartment for 4 Months.  Well little did  any of us know, it wasn’t vacant, Eugenio authorized a  contract/scheduling rep. to live there for the remaining time on the  lease.  I asked if he notified the EC or BOD for approval he stated he  didn’t have to.  I asked what was the cost comparison to close out the  apartment vs maintaining and putting a Rep. in there that is not  entitled to a Corporate Apt per policy, and again still waiting.  When  the lease was up we again had to pay someone to move all the furniture  out and take it up to the consignment store, and do a few things in the  apt, which cost us $795.  And if all of the items do not sell on Aug  25th (90 days), APFA has the option to reduce the price on the remaining  items, forfeit them or you guessed it pay someone to go and pick them  up.  I did learn on my own that the 2 Couches were sold the first day.  I  actually went to the consignment shop myself.  Here’s what I was able  to find out on my own.  The Sleeper Sofa ($778) was sold for $358, the  consignment store takes 50% of everything they sell, so APFA will get  $179 for a less than 1 year old couch.  The Coffee Table and End Table  were listed to sell for $195 and $165 respectively.  So, if they sell  APFA will receive $180, for these tables we paid $467.  We will be lucky  if we make any money back on this debacle once it is all said and done.   This new policy that was put in place as Eugenio was the maker on the  Resolution is an epic fail and needs to be reviewed by the BOD.  By the  way there was nothing wrong with the previous policy of a silent  auction.  Eugenio admitted as much and asked me to come up with an  alternative solution and present it to him, I had to laugh, like any of  them would take my advice.  Most of us remember when a National Officer  was forced to resign from his position over an issue with his corporate  apartment.  What happened in that situation was minute compared to what  has been going on since April 2016.  How many vacant apartments have we  paid for, who else has been living in these apartments that are not  entitled to apartments per policy, how much more money has been spent  that we don’t even know about on frivolous material things that do  absolutely nothing to benefit this membership?  It needs to stop NOW!!   Someone needs to step up and take control.  Where are the CHECKS AND  BALANCES?  I, for one, am not going to stand idly by and watch these 4  National Officers bankrupt and destroy MY APFA UNION!!  They all need to  go, and the Membership should not be paying for their return ticket  home!  Remember these are the same 4 National Officers that promised to  save the Membership money.  Where is that “Fiscal Watch Dog” now?
  • Number 1.  Bob, Nena, Eugenio and Marcy’s One and Only Accomplishment – As I wrap  up the last 20 days of the “20 Reason’s Why?” I wanted to give credit  where credit is due.  Bob Ross, Nena Martin, Eugenio Vargas, and Marcy  Dunaway have single handedly unified this membership more than anyone in  those positions ever has been able to. Members from every base, every  legacy, every political side, every seniority have all come together  with one common goal…RECALL NATIONAL LEADERSHIP!!  This has never been  done before and is quite an accomplishment.  We started this Recall  Movement with the hopes of making a change for the Membership.  Over the  past 5 months we have collected 1000’s and 1000’s of signatures.   Flight Attendants from all over the system are collecting signatures and  sending them in.  We never imagined that this could become such a huge  movement, but it has!!  This could have never happened without you the  Membership, so we would like to Thank you all for everything that you  have done to make this successful.  Without you this wouldn’t be  possible.  We are not done yet, but we are moving closer to our goal of  10,000 signatures every day.  So Thank You, Bob, Nena, Eugenio, and  Marcy for underestimating the power that this Membership has, and  bringing all of us together for the betterment, and giving us a reason  to make OUR UNION STRONG!!  We are APFA and we will take back control of  APFA for the Membership!!  

About Us

What is this all about?

This is a Grass Roots Effort started by 3 Flight Attendants to Recall our 4 National Officers of APFA.  Let's make this the first and fastest recall!!

Why are we doing this?

We, like many of you, are disappointed by the broken promises and the lack of leadership from the 4 National Officers. They have created so much division among our work group.  We need New Leadership that can unite and fight for us all equally.

What can you do?

We need signatures.  We are very close to our goal of 10,000 signatures.   We need your help by downloading the petition PDF files found at the top of this page, sign and collect signatures from your fellow flight attendants.  Once you have signed and or collected signatures mail the  completed forms to the PO Box listed below. 


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This  page was created for information on Recalling the 4 National Officers  of APFA.  After over a year in office they have not kept their promises  that were made during their campaign.  The basis of their campaign was  communication and transparency.  We have had very little of either.  We  deserve better!!

Melissa Chinery

P.O. Box 617, Ridley Park, PA 19078